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Posh Graffiti

A fun graffiti wall found at POSH Graffiti, the online store of British designer, Emily Readett-Bayley. The graffitti wall allows you to drag and drop your selection of alphabets onto a background of your choice. When happy with your design, you are just a click away from making your purchase.

[images extracted from Posh Graffitti]

For more information, visit Posh Graffiti and Emily Readett Bayley.


Tara Donovan

Ace Gallery New York, 2003
6'x 20'x 19' 2" (HxWxD) styrofoam cups and hot glue

Born in New York, Tara Donovan graduated with a MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1999. The artist uses everyday manufactured materials, such as styrofoam cups and drinking straws to create large scale sculptures that often have a biomorphic quality. Tara's sculptures usually involve tedious assembling and disassembling processes to express the notion of infinity thorough expansive visual phenomena created out of her choice of commonly found manufactured materials.

For more information, visit Tara Donovan.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

French designers, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec never cease to amaze. These fabric tiles created for kvadrat, are simply genius, good to dress up walls or ceilings. Held together with rubber bands, they can be rearranged constantly. Also available in multi colours.

Looks like pencil shavings.

[images & text extracted from Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and kvadrat]

For more information, visit Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and kvadrat


One of our favourites this year from the Milan fair has got to be lighting fixture 'blown-fabric', by nendo.

Nendo uses a specialised long-fibre non-woven polyester material, Smash, which can be manipulated into different forms through hot press forming technology. In a process much like blown glass, the material is shaped into a seamless one-piece lantern. The lack of control in the process, allows each fixture to take a unique form as heat is added and pressurized air blown into it. As in glass-blowing, the designers can intervene during the production of each piece, resulting in a collection of objects that is infinitely varied with imperfections.

"blown-fabric" forms part of the Tokyo Fibre '09 Senseware exhibition, an exhibition intended to convey the possibilities of new materials developed with Japanese synthetic fibre technology.

[images and text extracted from nendo]

For more information, visit nendo, Tokyo Fibre '09 Senseware and Smash.


Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko

Another great numero design. This is the MEMENTO lamp designed by Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko. It is produced by Cassina ixc. co. Ltd.

For more information, visit Tonerico Inc.

Photo copyrights of Nacasa and Partners Inc.

[via the cool itSnice.]

Little Factory

We love this number scarf from Little Factory. It comes in Upper and Lower case alphabets too. Little Factory is a brand under Item Limited.

For more information, visit Little Factory.

[via the cool itSnice.]


Bride & Wolfe

This beautiful deer hanging from Bride & Wolfe is cut from marine-grade plywood.

Find other ethereal designs from Bride & Wolfe here

via Paisley st claire.


Floor to Heaven

Floor covers from Floor to Heaven.
Photography by Boris Breuer.

We found out about the works of Floor to Heaven from seriouslyspiffy.

Michaela Schleypen is the creative head of Floor to Heaven. Born in Germany in 1968, Michaela is a passionate textile and interior designer, who focuses on flooring. Floor to Heaven is an exploration of her unique language for all kinds of surfaces.

[images and text extracted from Floor to Heaven.]

Floor to Heaven is located at Brüsselerstr. 21, 50674 Köln, Germany; Tel: (49) 0 2219 9868 26. For more information, visit Floor to Heaven.


Sounds of Silence for Van Cleef & Arpels

Panorama wall at Van Cleef & Arpels, Place Vendôme, Paris
400 cm x 215 cm, in Tyvek (by Dupont)

Design: Sounds of Silence / Petra Eichler + Susanne Kessler
Light Design: Gregor Knueppel
Sound Design: Martin Bott
Client: Van Cleef & Arpels

Since November 2007, the Van Cleef & Arpels' flag ship store at Place Vendôme, Paris, has been transformed into a magical wonderland by Sounds of Silence. On display for the duration of the Christmas Season 2007/2008, the Sounds of Silence concept of big paper forest installation has been scaled down to fit into the outdoor vitrines of Van Cleef & Arpels. Paper cut outs of enchanting landscapes form the filigree narrative stage for Van Cleefs elaborate jewellery. Insprired by the client's jewellery; old school christmas tree decorations; a bit of old Walt Disney movies and Alice in Wonderland, the display includes motifs of fairies, rose de noel and magical birds. Inside the boutique, two big vitrines and a panorama wall in the dining room feature paper snowstorm and magic deers.

Big indoor window at Van Cleef & Arpels, Place Vendôme, Paris
150 cm x 200 cm, in Tyvek (by Dupont)

Each paper display is accompanied by an etheral and ever-changing LED light sequence, programmed to recreate a wintery lighting atmosphere and enhance the effects of the cutout silhouette. Heard all over Place Vendôme is the haunting sound of bells, snow blowing and whispering specially created by the sound designer to transport passerbys into a world of magic.

[images and text provided by Sounds of Silence. Thank you Susanne!]

The display is located at Van Cleef & Arpels, 22, Place Vendôme
75001 Paris, France; Tel: (33)1 5345 4545. For more information, visit Sounds of Silence and Van Cleef & Arpels.


Zara Wood

True Love Always has developed a set of limited edition bed linens, True Love World, featuring the artwork of Zara Wood aka Woody. Manufactured in Portugal, the linen is an exacting high standard of 100% cotton percale and are finished with a 6cm Oxford trim around three sides of duvet cover and all around pillowcases. Duvets are available in single, double and king sizes, fastens with white plastic poppers.

[images and text extracted from True Love Always]

Price ranges between £69 for a pair of pillow cases to £159 for a king size duvet cover set. For more information, visit True Love Always


Located in the fashionable H1 building in Bangkok, geo is an eclectic lifestyle and home decor boutique that oozes with charm. Brainchild of a graphic designer, a botanic photographer and an orchid enthusiastic business woman, the lifestyle products found here trigger memory and nostalgia. Filled with locally designed and produced curios, stationary, wrapping paper, greeting cards, fashion accessories, and even gardening tools, the passion of the owners are expressed in the homely setting of the shoppe design and their beautiful website.

[images and text extracted from geo]

geo is located at Room 6, 998 Thonglor, Suknumvit Soi 55, Sukhumvit Road, Tel; (66) 2381 4325. For more information, visit geo].


The stylish blog of laissezfaire recommends Caravan, describing as a floral, vintage, plus bohemian shoppe. The establishment grew out of owner, Emily Chalmers' passion for fashion and home. The sources of her style can be traced back to her childhood where she grew up surrounded by textiles as her mother was a seamstress. The website is beautifully nostalgic and is filled with knick-knacks and gems.

[text extracted from laissezfaire and Caravan]

[images from Caravan]

Caravan is located at 11 Lamb Street, Spitalfields, London, E1 6EA; Tel: (44) 20 7247 6467. For more information, visit Caravan.

ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home is an ecclectic store located in Manhattan, New York, since 1897. Especially romantic is the baby and children department, which is devoted to nourishing every fantasy, original idea, and magical moment. Artisan-crafted toys sourced from around the globe, are made with natural materials and the intention to expand a child's perspective. Find yourself lost in the world of dreams, magic carpet rides, fairytales and make-believe here.

[images from ABC Carpet & Home]

ABC Carpet & Home is located at 888 & 881 Broadway New York, NY 10003, USA; Tel:(212) 473 3000. For more information, visit ABC Carpet & Home.

Baileys Home and Garden

Baileys Home and Garden, based in Whitecross Farm, Herefordshire, UK, is the eco-friendly supply chain, offering 100% rescued knick knacks for the home, garden and office. They have created a selection of eco-friendly cleaning products for guilt-free scrubbing.

[images from Baileys Home and Garden]

Baileys Home and Garden is located at Whitecross Farm, Bridstow, Herefordshire, England HR9 6JU. For more infomation, visit Baileys Home and Garden.